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1,278 miles and then some

Howdy Y’all!! Seth here, checking in from the absolutely, unbelievable beautiful village of Houghton, New York. Alex and I are going to be posting a few times this week to share with you the exciting time we’ve had traveling and getting transitioned to our new life. This post will be all about our trip, and if you stick with me till the end I’ll share a few spoiler pictures of New York and Houghton College 😀

Here we go!

Wednesday evening we loaded the Penske truck (we got a great one-way deal by stacking a military discount, a student discount, and a coupon!). We had a whole garage full of stuff, so it took a while. You can see in the pics below that we finished really late – about 11 o’clock I think?

We left last Thursday morning at the dreadful hour of 5:30 AM. Alex had planned for us to do a heavy load of driving the first day, so that we could only drive a few hours on Friday. We knew that we had to check in and get our key by 4:30 (taking into account that New York is an hour ahead of Oklahoma) so that plan seemed like a good way to go. We were counting on about 14 hours driving on Thursday, with 4 on Friday. Ugh.

We were so fortunate to have mom-in-law Cindy and my good friend Dakota tag along to help us with the loading, driving, and unloading. It was absolutely beautiful when we started. Oklahoma had a nice sheen of mist and fog, and looked like a mysterious paradise. Seriously, look at this:

Dakota and I took the Penske, and Cindy and Alex took our car – both of which were completely cram packed. Even the front of the Penske had tons of stuff in it. Dakota is a muscly, big dude, so he was cramped already. Add in all our stuff and the poor guy was like a juiced up sardine in the can. This trip couldn’t have happened without his help!

Dakota and I switched out a lot trying to keep our energy up. In all we drove through Oklahoma, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. We wound up being on the road for about 16 hours on Thursday, arriving at our hotel in Youngstown Ohio at 12:15 AM. We were in pretty bad shape! We crashed hard, and picked up the next morning at 10 AM.


We pulled into Houghton college around 2 PM on Friday, and settled in for a hard few days  of unpacking, unboxing and set up. We had a HUGE surprise when we arrived that was incredibly stressful, and that God pulled us out of in an absolutely miraculous way, but you’ll have to tune in later this week to get that story 😀

In the meantime, here’s some pictures of the countryside where we are living. Try not to get drool on your keyboard.


Alex is excited to update you on all of our move-in and setup news later this week. We’ll also have pictures of our apartment for you to check out (spoiler, there’s no air conditioning so it was HOT, not to mention the one MAJOR problem that you’ll hear about next time).

Pray for us! My entrance exams are Wednesday and Friday, and amidst all the craziness it’s been tough to study. Alex is doing great, but we both know that homesickness will come. We’ve met some great people, though, and are absolutely convinced that this is EXACTLY where the Wright’s should be for this period of our lives. Oh, also, Alex is in the process of becoming a substitute teaching at a nearby school until we can find more permanent work for her, so pray about that too 😀

Leave us your thoughts and questions below and we’ll be sure to get to them. We love hearing from you! Also, don’t forget that you can subscribe at the bottom to get email updates when we post.


See you later!



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