Houghton, New York

Hello Everyone! Alex Here!

So once we arrived to Houghton, Seth and I went to go get the key to our apartment! We were super excited and super pumped especially since we had been planning for this since February. Once we got to our apartment, our attitude changed so quickly. The apartment we were put in had a dead frog in the bathroom, cobwebs everywhere, a candy wrapper on the floor, the 2nd kitchen window screen was off, and it had this horrible smell of mold and mildew. We were so overwhelmed. Here we were fresh off of driving 20 hours in two days, moving our life to a completely new state, only to get here and find that our apartment looked and smelled like that. We were panicking. We hopped back in the car and drove around for two hours trying to find another place to live.

Not only were we a nervous wreck, but we also had to sign the lease for the apartment that same day and we just really didn’t know if we could sign the lease to an apartment that was that bad.

After driving around, Seth and I decided to go the the student center and look for more apartments/houses on a bulletin board outside the residential life office. As we were looking, a lady name Phyllis poked her head outside of her office and asked if we needed any help. We told her our situation and what had happened with our apartment. She immediately apologized and asked if she could advocate for us to the head of residential life. Phyllis introduced us to Marc (RD of Houghton College) and then preceded to tell him what happened. Within 5 minutes, Marc was on the phone to find us another apartment and 30 minutes later we were moving into our new apartment: Flat 112. Around 4:30 Friday afternoon, the four of us started unloading the Penske and my car. Man it was an extremely long night, but thankfully we had my wonderful mom and our incredible friend, Dakota, to help us.

Our Building!

The next day was filled with more unpacking, grocery shopping at Walmart & WEGMANS (which is ah-mazing), and for the guys putting together a table, chairs, and Seth’s new desk. On Sunday, we left for the airport at 4:00 a.m. to take my mom and Dakota to the airport in Buffalo! Once we dropped them off, we slept in the car for 2 hours until we were able to return the Penske. After, we stopped by Target to get some items for our apartment to make it more homey and I am so thankful we did! Let me tell you… Candles can work magic in a stinky apartment!  That Sunday evening, the local Wesleyan Church had a huge potluck to welcome back students and man it did not disappoint! The people, the food, and the conversations were wonderful!

Love this grocery store!!!
The Hills of Allegany County
Potluck at the Houghton Wesleyan Church on Sunday Evening!


As we live more days in New York, our apartment is slowly coming together!

We will be hanging our anniversary pictures above the bed
Only Bathroom, but double sinks are a plus!
Seth’s studio/office
Where I keep all of my cookbooks
Our Kitchen! It is twice as big as the kitchen in our Shawnee apartment
Dining area
Living Room

Seth has been busy with graduate meetings, keeping up with his half marathon plan, and getting prepared to teach. I have been applying for substitute teaching jobs and will hopefully have a couple of teaching jobs at the end of next week! In our next couple of posts, Seth will be talking about his experience so far as a G.A. and what he will be doing these upcoming years. Lastly, we will upload our part 2 of our anniversary pictures!

Until next time!


5 thoughts on “Houghton, New York

  1. Welcome to NY!! I am so happy you both are here! I hope you will come visit, or we can meet up somewhere halfway. I would love to meet Seth! Don’t you just ADORE Wegmans?! My absolute favorite! If you ever need anything, please let me know. Don’t hesitate to ask. 🙂 Blessings! Mandy


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