We have MOVED!

When we first moved to Houghton, Seth and I were living in the college flats. We liked the flats; however, each summer we had to move out in order for the college to use the flats for summer camps. Seth and I did not like knowing that in May we were going to have to move all of our stuff out and find a new place. So, we decided to find a new place to live and move over fall break in order for us to not have to move out at the end of the school year! We live about 2 miles outside of Houghton on the top floor of a large house, in the middle of a dense wooded area. We have a fantastic view of a small lake outside of our balcony. We thankfully can stay here throughout the summer in hopes of re-newing our lease next August! I am so sorry it took a while to get these pictures up, but we wanted to get settled in. We also had to buy a couch/futon for our house (since we did not have one). Hope you all enjoy these pictures! Also, please every time you think about us, please be praying for us. We often get people saying “wow, you all are really suffering being in such a beautiful place”. Yes, it is a beautiful place, but that does not mean Seth and I are not dealing with many things! We love you all and cannot wait to see everyone during Christmas break! We booked our tickets and will be flying to Oklahoma on December 14th. 🙂

To get to upstairs, we go through a back door and up the spiral staircase. This is a little seating area before you walk into the front door.
Because you must have a fall wreath! I bought this at Aldi last fall!
Our Kitchen! It does not have a dishwasher, but I love the open layout!
A little drawer that sits right inside our entryway. I LOVE our new essential oils diffuser. Thanks mom!
Seth’s new music area! When you walk into the door, his music area is on the left. He is pretty much never not working, so it’s nice to have an area at home.
Living Room!
One Year Anniversary Picture!
I Love this area!
View from our Balcony
Dining area! I love the views from each room!
Our bedroom
I doubt these clothes will be much help in the winter.
Bathroom, there’s a toilet around the corner.
Hallway between bedrooms and bathroom.
Guest bedroom! I am so thankful to have a guest bedroom!
Lastly, we have a loft and it is wonderful! This allows so much storage and a place for our friends to come and hang out.

We could not be more grateful to our friends in Houghton that helped us move out of our apartment and into our house within one hour! Nine friends and five cars! Thank you to everyone who helped us move!

We love and miss you all. Keep praying for us!!!!!!



2 thoughts on “We have MOVED!

  1. Looks like a wonderful “upper room”
    Doing dishes together – great time to share your day
    Views are amazing
    So happy for you
    Lifting you up in prayer and sending love!!


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