Saturday in Buffalo

Every two weeks Seth and I try to get away from the Houghton Community and take a quick Saturday trip to Buffalo.  Since moving in August to Houghton, we had not (enter gasp here) had our hair cut! Yes, I know.. we were in some desperate need of being groomed. So we made a hair appointment for 2:30, but before the appointment we also needed to get Seth swim gear for this upcoming winter. He decided that swimming might be better than trying to run in the winter time, which I completely agreed with! After adding a couple of items to our to do list – grocery shopping, lunch, sonic run, etc. we made our way to Buffalo!

Our first stop was of course “Starbucks” and then off to the Walden Galleria which has everything! Seth also needed new shoes for graduate school and church. We stopped at a couple of places, but you just can never go wrong with JcPenny! We bought two pairs of shoes for $40! Normally $100 altogether!


After spending WAYYY to much money at the Walden, we drove about 15 minutes to Llyod Tacos on Hertel Ave. Once we arrived on Hertel Ave, we completely forgot that this weekend they were having their local business Halloween trick or treating weekend. It was PACKED! but also so fun to see everyone dressed up!

Llyod’s Taco! This is there Brick and Mortar restaurant! They also have a food truck that goes around Buffalo.
Us at Llyods!
The food was delicious! A must if you visit Buffalo!

The food was delicious! Its definitely not your Mexican food found down South, but it was delicious! Our friends Sabra & Tyler are staying with us during Thanksgiving and we are planning to black Friday shop in Buffalo. Llyods will certainly be our rest and refuel stop!

Peanut Butter & Traditional cannoli.

After eating tacos, we decided it would be fun to walk Hertel Ave. for 15 or so minutes… until we found a cannoli street vendor! Seth had never had a cannoli, so we decided to buy two and take it back to our car since it was pretty windy and cold. We both had a bite or two of each of the cannoli’s, but my favorite was the Peanut Butter one. If you know me, I’m a sucker for anything Peanut Butter! To say the least both cannoli’s were gone in 5 minutes!

We were pretty excited if you cannot tell!

Once we were done on Hertel Ave, we drove to… SONIC! Yes, we are sonic lovers through and through. Buffalo recently opened a new sonic in Cheektowaga, which was conveniently  located about 1 minute from where our hair salon was! We often miss home and to know that something like sonic is close to us makes us feel like we have a piece of home with us. Especially since the very first sonic was founded in our college town, Shawnee, OK! All we bought was two large drinks- Vanilla Diet Dr. Pepper and Cherry Vanilla Coke Zero and sat inside. It was very nostalgic for us, but we will soon be on a plane heading home for Christmas! img_3578

Yummy goodness!

I love my husband!
Also, we were not used to “sitting inside” at sonic! The only sonic I know that has a dine in is the sonic right by the headquarters in OKC!

After our “sonic run,” we still had an hour to kill before our hair appointment! At our new place, we have a guest bedroom. I was in desperate need of new pillows. So we strolled through Marshall’s until our hair appointment.

Our hair appointment was at Di Lusso Salon and it did not disappoint! We had been saving in our hair envelopes for few months and thought it was important to treat ourselves to a nice haircut! If anyone is in the Buffalo area and needs a salon, Di Lusso was great! They all use only organic hair products and made us feel welcomed even though that was the first time stepping into the salon!

All in all, we had a wonderful time in Buffalo! We are both thankful for those memories because we never know what our future will look like! Please remember to keep praying for us and that Seth will finish out his first graduate school semester strong! Also, I have been having issues with my blood sugar, please pray that I will find strength each day to allow God to control that area of my life!

We love you all!



2 thoughts on “Saturday in Buffalo

  1. Love love love to read about the adventures of the Wrights!! You two are so cute! & inspirational!! Thank you for sharing!!
    Praying for you guys!
    Christmas will be here before you know it!!
    Love ya,
    Nancy Barton 😃


  2. You are both loved and missed by the McHaneys! And it’s always a joy to read about your adventures and how much you love your new home, my friends.
    Always praying for your peace of mind and health, and we hope to see you soon!

    Love always,
    The McHaneys


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