Celebrating Thanksgiving

I cannot believe that Thanksgiving has come and gone so quickly! In a few weeks Seth and I will flying back to Oklahoma for Christmas break, but before that happens there are many things that will happen before then! Once the semester is done with, I will have Seth write a post so he can update everyone on his semester! Here is our Thanksgiving recap:

Thanksgiving break for Seth started on Wednesday; however, before our friends joined us I had to clean our place and Seth had to finish up his grant applications. Tyler and Sabra Martin drove from Chicago to spend Thanksgiving with us! We four were really close in college and since they were not going home until Christmas we decided that it would be fun to spend this holiday together. They also got married in May so it has been an exciting year for all of us! Marriage, moving, etc!

Once Tyler and Sabra made it here, we all had dinner together and we were able to catch up on life. We have not seen them since they left in June to move up to Chicago for Tyler to finish his final year at Wheaton Graduate School. Sabra and I also decided to prep for lunch tomorrow’s lunch, and I am so glad that we did!

The night before we made pumpkin pie!
Excuse the 7:00 am picture with the Turkey! This is the Before Picture…

This Thanksgiving being the first away from our family, it was my turn to cook my first Turkey! I was super nervous at first, but with some help from Martha Stewart and a turkey injector, it turned out deliciously!

and… After! The lighting makes the Turkey look really dark.

During our cooking festivities we watched The Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade! All of us had watched the Macy’s Parade with our families growing up and knew that we had to watch it! Around 12:30 lunch was ready!


Thanksgiving Menu:

Turkey with gravy

Cranberry Sauce


Mashed Potatoes

Sweet Potato Casserole

Green Bean Casserole


& a delicious Pumpkin Pie

Thankful for these people!
Kissing picture of course!

As we ate Thanksgiving lunch, we each filled our thankful tree with things we were thankful for. and Yes… we are thankful for coffee too. I think this was my favorite time during the Thanksgiving break. So close to Thanksgiving we often get so excited for Christmas coming up and completely miss Thanksgiving and everything we are thankful for. I am glad we had the opportunity to write down our thankfulness and also talk about it during lunch!

Thankful for: Christ, A safe place to live, our spouses, family & friends
Thankful for: Work I love doing, a place that has snow, money to survive on

After Lunch, we all pitched in and cleaned up the kitchen/dining area. Then we broke out the pumpkin pie… and started Christmas with the Kranks (even though I wanted to watch)….

I will save it for when we are home in Oklahoma for Christmas!
Delicious pumpkin pie Sabra made!

We ended the day with very long much needed naps,turkey sandwiches, and talking. Seth and I are so thankful that Sabra and Tyler came to spend Thanksgiving with us. We are also thankful for the provision of God in our life! Until next time!



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