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Update on Life Part One

Hello Everyone,

This update is long overdue. I am sorry for the delay in blog posts. Seth and I have been going through a lot which we will talk about in late March, but for now I am just going to update you on everything as far as I am able.

Before I get into our Christmas break, here’s a few current highlights:

  • I have a new job! I am working as a secretary for the math and science department at Houghton. It’s a good job, with consistent hours, and I’ll have the freedom to go home this summer.
  • You may be wondering why the cover photo is chickens. That’s because there’s a chicken gang (yes, I mean that very literally) that lives by our house. They’re straight up thugs. They block the road all the time and will give you the serious stare-down if you eyeball them. Seth thinks that they are the funniest thing ever, and cracks up ever time we pass. Also, they are completely unaffected by the snow. Seth thinks they have an underground drug trafficking ring. He’s starting “back”ing at them when we drive by and seeing their little chicken heads swivel is actually pretty great.
  • Seth’s concerto “Divergent Winds” is being premiered in Houghton this March by the wind ensemble, while the version for piano and saxophone is being premiered at OSU.
  • Seth and I are turning into workout machines. He runs several days a week in the mornings, which is a big deal when you realize that its like negative 100 degrees outside (okay not really). His eyebrows are usually frozen when he gets home. I’ve been lifting weights and – according to Seth – getting “swoll”.
  • We LOVE our church community up here. Houghton Wesleyan has been good to us.
  • Seth has a group of friends that he definitely is NOT playing Dungeons and Dragons with. 😉
  • Seth bought me several calligraphy books and tools for Christmas. I haven’t quite had time to dive in fully yet, but I’m looking forward to doing so!

Seth and I went back to Oklahoma for three weeks during Christmas break! It was a much needed break along with time spent with family & friends. We left on a Wednesday and got in to Tulsa around 1:00pm. img_3507We decided to spend 10 days with my family and 10 days with Seth’s family. The first thing we did when we got to Oklahoma was to eat at Chick-fil-a! To say that we were excited was an understatement. Once we ate a late lunch, we drove back to Fort Gibson where my mom’s house is and unpacked our clothes. For dinner, the three of us went to Charlie’s Chicken. Again… to say that I was excited was an understatement. I am sorry to all northerners that read this and have no idea what Charlie’s Chicken is. We finished up the evening by finally watching the first episode of the new Gilmore Girls on Netflix.

The next morning starting bright and early. We left Fort Gibson for Shawnee at 7:00am so we could have breakfast with one of Seth and I’s favorite professors from OBU, Dr. Sanders. He has been one of the most influential people in our life and we knew that catching up with him would be a top priority while being back in Oklahoma.

The day in Shawnee was spent walking around OBU, and seeing friends. I decided to surprise my then pregnant friend Julie for lunch. Our friendship has grown so much since Seth and I left Shawnee. Love you Julie!  It was such a sweet time to catch up and spend time together while talking about life. We also visited our former church and spent time talking to the staff about the good things that were going on there! It is such an encouragement to hear that the church was doing so well.

I loved being back in Shawnee, but it was also very hard. I grew a lot while attending college and came to love my little college town. It was hard to leave such a wonderful place, when we moved and reliving those memories were hard.

That evening my mom & sister-in-law decided to drive from OKC to meet us for dinner in Shawnee. We were dying to see them: Seth and I were both pretty homesick while wrapping up the semester. We had a delicious dinner at Chilis and had a wonderful time talking (not via skype anymore!) 15542099_801734102644_8345833352853434176_n

Seth went back to OKC with his family for the weekend and I went back to spend some alone time with my mom. It was much needed! That weekend we went to Tulsa to do a lot of Christmas shopping. Neither of us had done any since Seth and I did not want to haul presents on a plane. We started the day delivering pecan pies, went to woodland hills mall and ended the day by eating at the cheesecake factory… it was delicious! -Side Note- My mom and I locked ourselves out of the house and the only way to get in was to crawl through a very small bathroom window. It was an adventure for sure! We certainly got an ab work-out from laughing. 15590044_10154681253867605_4504721232703236100_n

The week that led into Seth’s birthday was filled with a lot of down time and relaxing. On Seth’s birthday (Dec. 22nd) we drove to Holiday Island, Arkansas where my grandparents live. We stopped in Fayetteville to treat Seth to a delicious and cheap birthday lunch! Sams Club Pizza! You may think I am crazy, but when Seth was growing up for his birthday lunch/dinner he always wanted Sams Club Pizza! He LOVES it.. So I thought it would be a sweet moment to go eat pizza for his birthday lunch. I love pizza, but I am also diabetic, so I had to give myself extra insulin to compensate for all of the carbs. Needless to say, it was definitely worth it! Next time your at Sams Club, go try the pizza!


Once arriving at my grandparents house, we set up their new tv and caught up on everything that had to do with life. During the time at my grandparents, we played Secret Santa, had delicious food, & spent time watching some really good movies! On Christmas Eve, Seth and I drove from Arkansas to Seth’s parents house in Moore, OK. We made a pit stop though.. because Julie had her baby, Ezra. We didn’t know if we would have the chance to see them again before we left so it was a wonderful time getting to hold Ezra and check to see how Duncan & Julie were doing. It is really exciting getting to see how friends have kids and then have the opportunity to love on them!

Stay tuned for Part #2 of our Christmas break!

In the mean time, please know that we are thinking about you all. Frankly, we are going through hard things right now. We are not yet in a position to discuss them openly, but life has thrown us a number of nasty curve balls. Pray for us! God is pulling us through, and we have great friends (both new and old) to support us. We will be open about everything when it is appropriate to do so, but that time hasn’t yet come for us. Despite all of this, we’re hanging in there and – yes – managing to love our life in Houghton.



3 thoughts on “Update on Life Part One

  1. Hey Guys! So glad you had the chance to come home for Christmas! Thanks so much for sharing your experience! Love reading your blogs, and I’ll be praying for you guys! Hang in there!! Love you guys!
    Nancy B


  2. Sounds like you two had a wonderful trip. Not only were you able to relive memories of the past, but you are continuing to make new memories together with family and friends. We will continue prayers for both. Enjoy life, love and take care of each other.
    Love and hugs, Lola and family.❤


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