Life Update

Update on Life Part Two

Hello Everyone!

Seth and I hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day! We stayed in and watched The Office while eating Lasagna and left over banana chocolate bread, which is always better the day after. On the last post, I updated everyone on our first half of our Christmas break with my family. Here’s some more of the juicy (maybe?) details.

Seth and I arrived in Oklahoma City on December 24th! We all decided to spend Christmas Eve dinner at a Chinese restaurant. It was nice to catch up with Seth’s family and talk to them about our new life in Upstate New York. Seth and I are both close to our families and I could not be more thankful for that! It made Christmas break all that more special.

In the picture below is Aunt Becki, Uncle David, Mike, and Sarah on the left, and Joanna and Retha on the ‘Wright’:


On Christmas Day, we all got up and went to church with Sarah (my sister in law) at Brookwood Baptist Church. I always say that if Seth and I lived in the OKC area we would go to Brookwood! It is such a wonderful church. Once Church was out, we quickly made our way back home to get food and head to the Wright Family Christmas. Seth and I had not been to a Wright Family Event in about a year. It was crazy to see how everything has changed in one year. We spend the afternoon eating delicious food and playing dirty santa, which is always a treat with such a huge family!


The rest of our break was spent shopping, eating yummy food, catching up with friends (as much as we could) and generally *loving* not being an hour and a half away from any kind of shopping place. Houghton is great, but secluded, and we needed a society fix something awful.


Seth and Sarah also ran a 5k on New Years Day! My mother-in-law and I went to support them.. Plus the weather was perfect. How could we not go?


We also caught some time (not enough) with my mom back in Fort-Gibson before shipping out on January 3rd.

This semester Seth and I have been EVERYWHERE. We hope to be more forward with details soon, but suffice it to say that the little free time we had grown accustomed to became none at all. I have been working on campus as a secretary in the math and science department, which is great, and we get to sit down for lunch together everyday, but other than that our time together is scarce.



Regardless, we are happy, and comfortable in the path that God has us walking. We are learning all the time to rely both on his provision for us and on our marriage. The snow is killer. All of the locals are quick to point out that this winter has been surprisingly lame, but we don’t care – for two Oklahoman’s its like our own personal Armageddon.


We love the support that we receive from you guys, and are looking forward to being less cryptic about our ‘big news’ (which by the way is not a baby Wright 😛 ). Keep praying for us! Also, is there anything you guys would like to hear about from us about our lives up here? We know our wild life can seem confusing and – perhaps – nonsensical at times!

Au Revoir! Or as they say up north, “go away”,



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