March Goals



Good Morning!

The weather in Upstate New York has been strangely warm these last few weeks! I am hoping that it stays like this… It reminds me of all things Spring 😀 . In January & February I read a lot of blog posts here and here from ClassicCatherine about being intentional with your goals and finding what is important to you. I thought it might be nice to share a few of my goals with you, not so much for accountability, but for a bit clearer picture of what our life here is like. I asked Seth for his goals so you will see those as well. Here are some thing we would like to accomplish in March:

Seth’s Goals

  1. Finish composing my new art song for tenor, cello, and piano.
  2. Do what I can to make the premiere of my piece “Divergent Winds” a success, both in Oklahoma (for sax and piano) and in New York (for wind ensemble and sax).
  3. Work on a set of game music samples for YouTube. I’m qualified and interested in writing game music, but it’s tough to get gigs when you don’t have any work to show. A nice slew of Youtube samples will be a good first step.
  4. Make significant progress on my term paper for my German Romanticism class.
  5. Memorize 2nd Timothy chapter 3. (shout out to my friend Thomas Whitmore, who has memorized a few chapters with me in the past)
  6. Find a running race to begin training for!
  7. Finally get my bike put together. It’s only been in a box for… like… a year.
  8. Be an intentional and surprising husband.

My Goals

  1. Dive into the She Reads Truth Lent Study.
  2. Continue to workout and learn to enjoy it. I read a quote from PBFingers Blog that said “Workout because you love your body, not because you hate it.” I really want to learn how to do that this month.
  3. Stick to our monthly budget. Seth and I have been working really hard to stick to our budget and learn how to live a more minimalistic lifestyle.
  4. Plan blog posts and figure out where this blog can go!
  5. Plan a special date night for Seth and I.
  6. Find a healthier/safer face wash. I have looked into Beautycounter and even though they can be expensive, I think using a safer cleanser for my face is just what my body needs right now!
  7. Visit Letchworth State Park.
  8. Work on my calligraphy!

We love and miss you guys. Big life changes are headed our way that we hope to be able to share with you soon.




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