Weekend Recap!

Weekend Recap!

Happy Monday Everyone!

These next few weeks are going to be extremely busy for Seth and I! Seth has his Divergent Winds premiere on Wednesday night and I think we both will feel bittersweet on Wednesday night when it is all over with. Anyways here was the weekend!

Friday & Saturday were spent enjoying our downtime and cleaning the apartment up a bit. I am often so tired when I get home from work & working out through out the week, that I usually leave the intense cleaning for the weekend.

Seth had piano benchmarks on Saturday morning at the college. While he did that, I caught up on work and took a nice 60 minute walk at the workout center. Saturday morning was when it really started snowing again… cue the tears. I will be so excited when spring actually shows up!

IMG_3877.JPG change

We were going to eat pancakes on Saturday, but since we were tired from the morning we just decided to stay in. I filled up our pantry on Thursday with food and decided to make a delicious kielbasa & bbq beans chili with cornbread for dinner on Saturday night along with some chocolate chips cookies. Seth was a happy camper!

At 7:15am on Sunday morning, I woke up Seth and said lets go get pancakes at this place near Houghton and see what all the hype is about! Every time we saw pictures from this pancake house it ALWAYS had a line and Sunday morning at 8:15am was no exception. We went to the CartWright’s Maple Tree Inn about 20 minutes from Houghton! We got a little lost getting there; however, we figured it was an adventure anyways! Once we arrived, there was already a line out the door! (Side Note– The Maple Tree Inn is only open two months of the year and so people go crazy when it is open)



Once we finally got inside, we decided that eating at the island would be the quickest way to eat pancakes and also get to see how the pancakes were cooked! And once we finally got seated we had pancakes probably within five minutes!


I do not know how they did it! They definitely knew what they were doing!


Also… did I mentioned that the pancakes were bottomless…. for $7.00 per person we got to eat as many pancakes as we wanted! I liked how our morning was going!


If anyone knows me, you would know my LOVE for peanut butter. It is one food that I have never gotten sick of. Being diabetic, I always eat peanut butter on my pancakes to save me from having syrup and making my blood sugar go high.. Its a win win in my situation.


The pancakes were thin. I didn’t know what to expect, but they were good. After Seth and I left we decided that the pancakes were okay (we’ve had better) and that the experience is why we went in the first place! Sometimes the adventure is better than the outcome… Especially if you have someone to do it with!

Thank you all for reading! This week I am making it a goal to type one or two posts and take more pictures!

Have a wonderful week!



One thought on “Weekend Recap!

  1. Glad y’all had a great weekend!! Thanks for sharing! And I’m praying for y’all!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻
    Hope that’s the last snow of the season!!
    Love ya!
    Nancy Barton 😃


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