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Lets Be Honest

Seth and I have been searching and looking for the best time to make this public. Through much prayer, anticipation, and guidance, Seth and I will be leaving Houghton College after this Spring semester is over with.

We were not considering leaving Houghton College until the middle of Christmas break. Seth received word from his composition professor that she and her husband (he also worked at Houghton College in the Music School) were let go from Houghton College and would not be returning to the Spring semester. Seth and I were very devastated. Not only was Seth learning a lot and growing as a person and composer, but I became very fond of her. I thought she was very inspiring especially being a woman, so it was hard for us to see someone whom we both respected to be let go. The situation was also scary because we moved to Upstate New York for Seth to study specifically with her.

After we had learned that she was not returning we ultimately made the decision that Seth would apply to other graduate schools. Of course, everyone must be thinking… wow, you JUST moved to Upstate New York and now you want to move again? While we considered staying, the ultimate goal and dream is for Seth to get into a doctoral program and get his doctorate degree. Leading up to that point is very important and there must be stability in who he studies with in addition to continual growth as a composer.

Once we found out, we started applying to graduate schools with much guidance. We ended up applying to seven graduate schools within two weeks. Through our applying, we asked God to make it very clear if he wants us to stay or go… He brought us to Houghton, but He could also show us to leave as well.

Within a week of applying, we heard from two schools to ask Seth to come and interview/audition. At the end of January, away we went! We visited one school in Ohio and one in North Carolina. We both felt very good about the school in North Carolina… and thought maybe this could be the place we move to next. As we were in North Carolina, Seth received an email to audition at Eastman and to have a Skype interview with a school in Kentucky.

January, February, & March were filled with travel and many interviews/auditions. We are now in the process of waiting to hear from schools and their financial offers. Please continue to pray for Seth and I. We are excited for this next adventure especially because we have each other as we are going through this process. Please also be in prayer for Seth’s former composition teacher and her husband as they are also looking for their next adventure.

We will keep you all updated! Thank you for keeping up with us!



2 thoughts on “Lets Be Honest

  1. Prayers for wisdom & guidance! You will know!! Also praying for your move! Hey you’ve done it once, this time it’ll be easier!!
    Also prayers for Seths teacher.
    Nancy Barton


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