Monday Favorites

Hi there! Before I get into my Monday favorites, I wanted to thank everyone for the kind comments about my last post regarding Seth & I leaving Houghton. Please keep us in your prayers. I hope you all had a wonderful & restful weekend! After a very busy last week which included Seth’s premiere, we were excited for a nice weekend. The weather has been beautiful (which hopefully it stays that way). Today I will be sharing my Monday favorites! Hope you all have a wonderful week!

  1. CAMELBAK. After our wedding, Seth and I had some money to spend at Bed, Bath & Beyond. We decided to both get a new camelbak! I am happy to say that I still have mine and it works like a charm. With the weather being completely different in New York from the weather that I was used to in Oklahoma, my face has been a lot dryer with more acne. So I have really pushed myself to drink more water and be aware of how important it is to keep your body hydrated! I have this  CamelBak in purple and I really like this CamelBak in orange & pink! Today, I encourage you to drink more water.



2. BLOGILATES. I recently hurt my back. It was awful. I knew that it was time to take a break and try to incorporate more stretching into my daily life. I found Cassey Ho (Blogilates) through the Mix & Match Mama Blog. As I was looking through her youtube channel she had many videos on stretching and I decided to try this video out, I was instantly hooked. She is upbeat and really motivates you to do your best. I have also tried a few ab and butt workouts. It is hard, but I always feel much better afterwords. On her youtube channel she put out this video about battling body shaming. Check it out!


3. A MINT MACAROON. I recently found this adorable small business that does prints, mugs, & t-shirts. Rebecca lives in Chicago & her story of how she started A Mint Macaroon is very inspiring. As I was scrolling her website, I found this adorable mug that I might have to buy soon! My coffee would look more appealing if it was in these mugs!



4. THREDUP. Okay… I LOVE thredup! Thredup is a fashion resale website for consumers to buy & sell secondhand clothing online. I must admit, I have never bought anything from ThredUp, but I love cleaning out my clothes and being able to make some money from them. ThredUp is very simple. They will send you a green pocka dot bag and then you will fill it with all of the clothes you want to get rid of and then ship it to their location (which is paid by them). Once they receive your clothes order it will take them about a month to go through them. Then they will put the clothes on their website to sell & send you a “cashout” balance. After the clothes are on the website for two weeks, you will then get to have your “cashout” balance sent to you. If you don’t want money for your clothes, you can always donate the money to a charity!

images (2)

5. UNROLL ME. Unroll me is a quick way to declutter your inbox. It allows you to easily unsubscribe from all those email subscriptions that keeps pilling up. Have I said how easy it is? It is! Unroll me has given my inbox the opportunity to breathe and for me not to be so terrified when I want to check my email. download.png

What have been your favorites lately?




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