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Hello Louisville!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

I hope you all are having a wonderful week so far. Now that we are almost a month into daylight savings time, I feel like the days go by so fast & seem to slip away quickly. Anyways, last Thursday-through-Saturday Seth and I made a quick drive to the University of Louisville, in Kentucky. We made a quick decision to visit the UofL seeing that Seth’s only previous experience with them had been through Skype.

Once we heard that Seth was a top contender for a large assistantship, we knew that it was important for us to meet faculty and grad students and get to know the area/look at apartments.


We left Houghton at 8:00am on Thursday afternoon. After filling up the car with gas and with Dunkin Donuts in our hands (along with some healthier snacks) we made the 8 1/2 hour drive to Louisville. We were able to stop for nothing but… Chick fil a! We were pretty excited and felt right at home! Here’s an awkward picture of Seth:


After filling up our stomachs at Chick-Fil-A, we drove the remaining five hours to get to Louisville. We drove through all of Ohio, which was not as bad as we thought before arriving in Kentucky. Thursday night there was a composers recital at the UofL at 8:00pm and so we were determined to make it in time. We arrived in Louisville at 6:00pm and had time to talk with our hosts that we were staying with. Our friends that we went to OBU with, now living in Louisville, graciously let us stay with them in their home! Thank you Mandy & Josh!

After quickly changing, we drove to the UofL to eat some grub before the recital. We found a Qdoba right across the street from the campus and knew that it would be the easiest choice for dinner since it was so close to the music school. Seth got a burrito and I decided to go easy with salad, knowing that we were probably going to get ice cream after the concert.


After eating Qdoba, we made our way to the School of Music for the composer’s recital. We got there a little early, which was perfect because Seth was able to sit and talk with the chair of composition at the school.


The concert was a little over an hour. Seth and I thought that the concert was phenomenal. We knew that if Seth transfers to the UofL, he will be pushed as a composer and as a person.


As we were walking back to our car after the concert, we decided to get ice cream at this little ice cream shop called The Comfy Cow. It was great, a little pricy, but still not Braums.


We were able to talk about the concert and what our first thoughts about Louisville had been. After leaving the Comfy Cow it decided to pour down rain! We were drenched & cold after just a few seconds…


On our first & only full day in Louisville (Friday), we started off the morning by looking at apartments in the area. If we moved to Louisville, this would be our only time looking at apartments and so we wanted to try to find the “perfect” apartment for our needs. In total we looked at five. It was a lot of apartment viewing, but we found one that we loved at a great price and decided to apply for the apartment. We both thought it was the perfect one and knew that we would rather pay $150 to pre-lease the apartment than not pay the $150 and lose the apartment that we loved. – So to be clear.. this does not mean that we have decided to move to Louisville, we just wanted to make sure that if we do decide to move there that we had an apartment that we saw & loved beforehand.

On Friday, Seth and I also had the opportunity to meet with two current graduate students at ‘Griffs’ right across from campus. It was really nice to be able to sit down and just ask all the questions we could think of about the UofL and to also get to know them better.

After Lunch, at 1:00pm Seth and I had a meeting with the chair of composition. He talked with us for about 30 minutes and then gave us a tour of the school of music. He was very nice, personal, and honest about the UofL school of music.

On Friday Night, Josh, Mandy, Seth, & I went to a BBQ place around the Downtown area. Side Note: I really feel like you can get anywhere in Louisville in between 10-15 minutes! It is a city, but it felt like a small city most of the time we were visiting. The barbeque was delicious – It’ll definitely be a frequent location if we head to Louisville.

Once we ate tons of BBQ and fried pickles, Mandy & Josh spent some time showing us around the Louisville area. I think if we move there, Seth and I would really enjoy the area and everything Louisville has to offer.


Saturday was pretty boring.. it consisted of Dunkin Donuts Coffee, Driving, Jimmy Johns, Driving, Sleeping, Driving, unpacking, and going to bed early.


We love you guys!!!





One thought on “Hello Louisville!

  1. Ahh! So very excited for you two! Pete and I love getting to read about your experiences and all the delicious food you get to consume. 🙂
    Looking forward to reading more and where your next adventure will take you!

    The McHaneys


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