Friday Favorites (No.1)

Happy Friday Everyone!

I have lost some serious motivation these last few weeks. However, I plan to get my mojo back this weekend by packing up a lot of our house, cleaning, getting groceries with a friend, and spending some time working. Since we are preparing to leave Houghton, I have been reflecting a lot on our time here. I cannot believe that we have lived in New York since August! More on my reflection next week…

My Friday favorites will be a regular thing on the blog now. I hope you enjoy & have a wonderful weekend!

No. 1 Nature’s Fig Bar 


Every time I see these Fig Bar at Wegmans I want to buy it, but never do. Last week, I gave in! I am so happy that I decided to buy these because they are a perfect pre-workout snack. I LOVED fig newtons growing up and so did Seth. The Fig Bar is definitely a more grown-up version. Not to mention it was only $7.00 for 28 packs!

No. 2 Our Wedding Day


I think out of all of our wedding pictures… this is my favorite. It reminds me how much we have grown since our wedding day & all of the people that support us. I try to imagine my life with anyone else and in my mind it just doesn’t work. Our marriage has grown so much this last year and I have learned a lot about what marriage is supposed to look like in God’s eyes. He has taught me how to love, support, & encourage in ways I didn’t think were possible. I am very thankful for Seth and the color he brings to my life.

No. 3 iPhone 7


On Tuesday Seth and I made a quick trip to Rochester to take some items to our new place. I knew that I was eligible to get a new phone, and since my phone had been giving me battery problems I figured it was time. I didn’t know which phone I wanted, but in the end I stayed with Apple and got the iPhone 7 32gb in Rose Gold with a rose gold cover. I am in LOVE! I want to use my phone, but I also just want to stare at it. Consumerism at its finest.

No. 4 Favorite Bloggers 

The summer between my high school graduation and entering college is when I started reading blogs. The first real blogger that I read was PBfingers. Julie, who is the writer, instantly caught my eye with her blog that had the word Peanut Butter in it! After a few posts, I was hooked and ever since that summer I have been a loyal follower of her blog.

A few of my other favorites bloggers are:

PB Fingers

Classic Catherine

Victoria Strader

LMents of Style

Mix & Match Mama

Our Vintage Nest

Hilari Williams

No. 5 The Gospel & Marriage 

On our drives Seth & I have been listening to a lot of podcasts. Our favorite recently has been David Platt’s The Gospel & Marriage . It is so encouraging to hear. After every 10 minutes we will talk about what we heard and our thoughts about the podcast as to how it relates to our marriage. I encourage you & your spouse to spend sometime listening to it together!

No 6. The Summer

Seth and I will be taking a road trip back to Oklahoma for the summer! We will be there from Memorial Day weekend through mid August. On our road trip we will be visiting and staying with our dear friends, Sabra & Tyler who live in Chicago! They stayed with us during Thanksgiving break, so it’s our turn. Seth and I are extremely excited to spend quality time with them.

Enjoy your weekend!




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