June Goals

Hi Friends! Summer is here! I am so excited to be back in Oklahoma this summer. Seth and I were worried that we were not going to find jobs for the summer, but it all worked out. We are both working for the same company in west Oklahoma City for 40 hours each week! It is a lot, but by us working this summer we are able to pay off Seth’s first year at Eastman. To say we are thankful is an understatement… onto June goals!


With our summer being taken up by work, I want to make my time intentional. I am also learning a lot about myself this summer and will be sharing more on that later!

May Goals

  1. Moving. I cannot believe our time is coming to an end in Houghton. We will be moving our items into storage at our new place & then we will drive back to Oklahoma for the summer.
  2. Jobs. Now that we know where we are going this Fall I can start seriously applying for more jobs. It has been very hard lately… more on that later.
  3. Mother’s Day. Seth and I will not be home for Mother’s Day, but we are hoping to take them out on a special breakfast/brunch to celebrate when we get back.
  4. Writing. I say this every month, but I want to continue to add more blog posts throughout the month. I thought I did an okay job last month when it came to writing more, but I can definitely do better.
  5. Celebrate Memorial Day. Every big Holiday the extended Wright Family gets together to catch up & enjoy some delicious food! I will be very excited to see everyone on Memorial Day. I love family time!
  6. New Shoes. This isn’t really a goal, but I have finally saved up enough money to buy my Tory Burch Miller Sandals! I would buy them right now, but the sales tax in New York State would add an extra $17.00 to the price, when I could just wait and have them sent to Oklahoma (Tax Free) on top of a 10% discount I have.
  7. Mom Time. Since I haven’t seen my mom since December I am hoping we can go get our toes & nails done. We used to always do this during high school & throughout college. It’s always a sweet time with my Mom & maybe we can add Jason’s Deli to our Mom/Daughter time as well!
  8. Clean Out Car. Since I didn’t get to do this last month, I will make this a top priority especially since we will be in a car for 20+ hours on our road trip to Chicago & then onto Oklahoma.

June Goals

  1. Reconnect. Since I really want to be intentional with my time, I hope to spend some time with a few of my friends that live in Oklahoma. It’s hard to stay connected to friends when we live in New York, but I want to gain back some of that lost time!
  2. Recipes. I want to try out a few new summer food recipes!
  3. Job. I’ve been trying to figure out what I want to do next in the career area of my life… in June I want to research more about a few career areas that I find interesting.
  4. Coffee. The Oklahoma heat gives me a great excuse to drink more iced coffee!!
  5. Devotional. I am on the hunt for a Christian devotional. If you know any, comment below!!

Have a wonderful June & please continue to pray for Seth and I as we are working this summer!



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