August Goals

Hi Everyone! Happy August! I can’t believe how quick this summer is coming to an end. It feels like we just came back from New York yesterday. It just two short weeks, Seth and I will be making the drive back to New York, and to our new home in Rochester! We are both excited and sad to leave Oklahoma. However, good things are to come and I can’t wait to see what God has in store for us! Now onto August goals… with Seth and I moving into a new place this month a lot of my goals will revolve around that!


  1. 2nd Anniversary. Our anniversary is August 8th and we have some exciting plans to celebrate! A recap on our anniversary day will come next week to the blog!
  2. Finding a job. So far I have applied to 15 or so jobs in the Rochester area. I hope that once we get to Rochester I will find a job, but until then I will continue to apply.
  3. Plants. I have been thinking about what I want to add to our new place and I would love to add plants! It is not only great for the air, but it adds a sense of coziness and freshness to a place. If you know of any neat ways to display plants, let me know!
  4. Hair Cut. I would love to get my hair cut before moving back to New York. In Oklahoma you can get a haircut for under 30 dollars easily… not so much in New York.
  5. Updates. Updates about our life, new living space, changes, and more will be on the blog this month! I would like to blog at least twice a week!
  6. Moving. Our new place is larger and I would like to get settled rather quickly, because Seth will have to study for his placement exams when we get back!
  7. Esther. Seth and I have been spending each morning reading in Esther together. I really enjoy this time with Seth as our marriage grows and changes. It’s so important for our marriage that we are studying in the word of the Lord together.
  8. Farmers Market. I am so excited for the Rochester Farmers Market! I hope that Seth and I can make it this month to enjoy the beautiful summer in New York and buy some fresh flowers for our place!

I hope you all have a wonderful August! Please pray for Seth and I as we make our way back to New York in a few weeks!



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