Our Anniversary Day

Happy Friday Friends! Yesterday was our last full day in the Oklahoma City area! As you are reading this, we are making our way to Fort Gibson to spend a few days with my mom before we drive back to New York on Monday!

Today on the blog, I am going to recap our anniversary for you all! Seth and I had a great day from start to finish! We woke up around 7:30 a.m. to get ready for our reservations at Kitchen No. 324 in downtown Oklahoma City. We originally were going to go to Syrup in Norman, but thought we should try something new. I am so glad we did!



Our reservation was for 9:00 a.m. and they seated us right by the window. We started off our breakfast date with two vanilla iced latte’s which were refreshing for a humid morning.



Since we both have worked full time this summer, it was nice to have a slow morning with Seth to celebrate our two year wedding anniversary. We talked about our near future plans and our two-three year future plans along with digesting our summer and everything that had happened. It’s not everyday we get to have such a relaxing breakfast out! Seth ordered the scratch biscuit with chorizo gravy with a poached egg on the side and I ordered house made granola with milk and fruit on the side. We both loved our dishes and hope to go back again the next time we are in the city!





After having a delicious breakfast, we decided to walk around downtown for a while since we ate so much!


Once we were feeling better, we decided that going to full circle bookstore would be appropriate! I wanted a book called “Think Like a Pancreas”, but as we were driving I wanted to stop at the capital and walk around! We hadn’t been at the capital since Seth and I went on our Twirp date in college! I was sad though because their was construction on the front of the capital, but it made me thankful for this great state!



At the bookstore, I soon found out that they did not have the book I wanted, which was a bummer! After walking around for a few minutes, Seth and I walked to our perspective areas – the travel section for me and the music section for Seth. I think we both could spend hours in those sections.. We sadly left with nothing, which was probably a good thing seeing as our car is going to be completely full on our drive back to New York! One day though.. I will buy a book about Ireland & Scotland and visit those places.



Our morning was made complete by stopping at Sonic for two diet dr. peppers! We arrived home around 11:30 to be greeted by music history flashcards and Seth’s “A History of Western Music” book. In a few short weeks, Seth will be a taking a music theory and music history placement exam at Eastman. These exams are important to the both of us, so we sat for a few hours going through the music history book and writing out the definitions to words/composers on notecards for me to quiz Seth on and for Seth to continue memorizing for his exam. When all is done, we’ll have over 300 flash cards prepared!

We also exchanged anniversary gifts when we got back. A few weeks ago Seth’s running headphones broke and I thought it would be a great idea to get him new wireless headphones which is an upgrade from his non-wireless broken ones! I got him the Bose soundsport wireless headphones. They were pricey, but I love investing in his hobbies and knew that he would use them all the time especially when he would need a break from composing and school!


Seth made for me a yarned board with Oklahoma and New York intertwined! I couldn’t believe it! He worked so hard on it and I am excited to hang it in our new place next week. Maybe we can add another state to it once Seth graduates from Eastman. It was a special gift for me and I’m so thankful he spent so much thought and effort into making it for me!


After studying, exchanging our gifts, and having some down time, we got ready for our reservations at Cheevers Cafe! Cheevers was easily the most expensive place we’ve eaten at while being married, but it was totally worth it. We had a reservation for 5:45 p.m. which was perfect because by 6:00 p.m. the place was packed, with a long waiting list!






We immediately knew that we both wanted some kind of steak! I got the filet and Seth decided on the sirloin. While we were waiting for our entree, we devoured these delicious rosemary rolls with pink salt butter and talked about our second year of marriage. This last year was full of life changes and unexpectedly new paths that we never thought would happen; however, we are thankful for were God has led us: Rochester!



Our entree’s were divine, even though we were able to only eat half of it because we wanted to save room for dessert… complementary on Cheevers for our anniversary.


Yes.. it is just as amazing as it looks! It reminded me of the chocolate cake in the movie Matilda when the principal makes the boy eat all of the cake! It was a sweet way to end our anniversary day. Our check was expensive, but worth the experience with Seth to celebrate another year of marriage.

We ended the evening by stopping at Half-Price books to walk around and to look for the book I have been wanting. Sadly, Half-Price books also did not have my book, but Seth found a book that he thought would be a great read during this upcoming semester!


Our anniversary was memorable for the both of us and I am excited to see where our third year of marriage will take us!



One thought on “Our Anniversary Day

  1. Happy 2nd Anniversary! You guys make me smile!! Love your love for Jesus & for each other!!
    So glad you were able to spend so much time with family & friends this summer!!
    Safe travels 🙏🏻❤️
    Nancy B


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