Weekend Recap!

Weekend Recap

Happy September Friends!

This year is going by so fast and with the weather being cool already in Western New York, it feels like its already Fall! Fall is one of my favorite seasons… and I celebrated today with my first pumpkin spice latte of the season. It was every bit worth the extra insulin. There will be many more in my future..


This past weekend my mom came and visited Seth & I. She happened to be in the New England area because of work, so it all turned out great! It was nice having our first visitor in our new place! Once my mom got into Rochester, we had a late lunch at BungaBurger on Mt. Hope Ave. near Eastman. It was great! We all were very hungry and wanted to try something that we hadn’t had in Rochester! Bungaburger definitely hit the spot. Afterword we took a tour of Eastman to show my mom around. Eastman never gets old, that’s for sure!

We drove back to North Chili after the tour, so my mom and I could rest before going grocery shopping at Wegmans & Sams. Our evening consisted of taco salad, life updates, and Star Trek: Into Darkness. It was an evening well spent with good food & great company!


The next morning was spent filling our stomachs with Rhode’s cinnamon rolls & delicious coffee! If you haven’t had Rhodes cinnamon rolls – they are a must to get next time you are at the grocery store! We were going to the Rochester Farmers Market that morning and with it being cold, we wanted to warm up before heading out. I had been to the Farmers Market before and knew that both my mom and Seth would enjoy it just as much as I did! It was very busy, but totally worth it!


Last time I was at the Farmers Market, I didn’t buy anything because we were about to drive back to Oklahoma for the summer, but this time I was on the hunt for a beautiful bouquet of flowers! Holding the flowers for another hour before we got home was totally worth it. IMG_0488DFEF267C-076D-4218-B96B-AF745B15FF11IMG_0485

I ended up getting low blood sugar while we were walking around. We decided to stop at the Chai Guy to enjoy some chai tea and take a break so I could get my blood sugar back up. We got the vanilla chai tea which was great, but next time I cannot wait to try the pumpkin chai tea! It was calling my name! We spent about 2 1/2 hours at the farmers market and left with so many great things: homemade pickles & hummus, bouquet of flowers, garlic, peppers, onions, succulent plant and apples – which I will make in a apple spice dump cake this week! Seth and I cannot wait to go again!

The rest of the day we cleaned up, snacked on delicious food, and made breakfast for dinner which consisted of Belgian waffles, coffee, eggs, bacon, strawberries & bananas. I love breakfast, but I love it even more when I have it for dinner! That evening my mom, Seth and I were searching for another movie to watch. We saw Star Trek: Beyond on amazon prime and thought it would be the perfect movie to watch since we had just seen the second one in the series the night before. It did not disappoint!


On Sunday morning, we had leftover cinnamon rolls, bananas, and coffee before heading to church at Open Door Baptist for the 9:30a.m. service. We decided to get lunch out on Sunday before heading home for a restful Sunday afternoon, that involved Mario Kart & Zelda on the Switch. We had leftovers for dinner that evening and ended with watching a few episodes of Gilmore Girls.

Monday morning started bright and early by taking my mom to the airport. We said our goodbyes and then drove back to crawl back into bed! It was sad to see my mom go, but it was a great weekend that we all got to spend together in our new home for the next two years! Seth had no classes, with it being labor day so he worked on homework all day and I cleaned the house, made homemade salsa from the peppers in our garden, and enjoyed the weather by taking a two mile walk!


I hope you all had a wonderful & restful weekend!



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