September & October Goals

Hi Friends!

I cannot believe it is October already! Last week Seth and I celebrated my 24th birthday! We had a wonderful day that was spent having Starbucks, brunch in downtown Rochester at The Mad Hatter Restaurant, Netflix, and chill time. It was a great way to spend my birthday. Seth didn’t have any school plans until that evening, so we were able to spend most of the day together. Seth wanted to take a few pictures of me for my birthday and a few of them are below!



Okay, onto October! This upcoming Monday is my first day at my new job. I am excited, but very anxious at the same time. Also, October will be a busy month. I haven’t worked since the beginning of August and I have been able to keep up the cleaning in the house, meal prep/meal plan, & laundry. Most of October will be spent trying to figure out our schedules because we only have one car. Seth and I will also not be seeing each other until the evening when we will only have a couple of hours together.. which makes me very sad, but this is just a season of life right now and it will not always be this way. For my goals, I decided to have just a few a focus on enjoying fall and this new season of life!

-Start work at Paychex

-Visit a pumpkin patch with Seth 

-Join a gym & work out 2x-3x a week

-Finish my “Think Like a Pancreas” book 

This week I am traveling to Austin for a few days, but will have a post about shopping at Home goods and pictures of our new place in Rochester! Hope you all have a wonderful October!



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